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Description of the type of work with groups

The reason for working with groups is to potentiate the light. If several people at once experience holistic clearing and healing, the power of light and love is potentiated. This way healing can be accomplished faster and more effective at all levels. One can consciously experience what it means to be strengthened and supported by the collective field. A group field represents a field in which the individual is invited to immerse into the confidence of the unity and at the same time make use of this native power as a responsible being.
The themes of each workshop are a supporting base. As the work always occurs on a holistic level, both clarifications and healings are performed on several levels at the same time: in the physical body, at the cellular memory level, in the present or in past lives, in the subtle bodies, at interplanetary, intergalactic, inter-dimensional levels.
This work helps people to move out of heaviness into lightness and to free themselves from thoughts and feelings that are tainted with fear and suffering. Because of the changes you will find yourself more and more in the divine flow, and because of opening the gate of your heart, in cosmic love. This constantly generates new, continuous changes, clarifications and healings at all levels in every human being. Healing means, restoring cosmic balance at all levels.
Where clarifications and healings have occurred, new light-information are installed which restore the memory of cosmic harmony in each and every person, aligning and connecting them with the future. This helps to easier move along with the changes. Thus, each individual contributes automatically to the planetary growth of humanity.
The light-work in each workshop always arises at the very moment from the purest divine flow. Consequently, the work is conducted depending on the momentary divine inspiration. It is accompanied by healing sounds and pictures, healing conversations, meditations, sharings, exercises and techniques in various forms. They help us to learn how to activate our own creative powers and how to implement them in a more conscious and responsible manner. This gives us the possibility to shape a new world within us and thereby to create a new life in our every day life.
Each group work is unique; nothing is ever repeated because there are no concrete structures and rules. It requires no prior knowledge. The only thing one should have is the openness and willingness to join the path into the light.
The healing power of the divine flow is always plenary. Each person always receives one hundred percent in each healing act. However, how much of it becomes apparent in every individual depends on how far the healing will be accepted and implemented. Every person is in a higher responsibility towards him/herself. Nothing is ever taken away from us – only what we are willing to give away. Only then, there is room for something new and healing can emerge. How much we are consciously or unconsciously willing to let go, in order to integrate the new, will be revealed in our lives. This light-work is no promise and no treating symptoms, it´s a chance…

Workshop topics:

Liberation of creative fields

“The art of empathy”

The healing power of pure, lived love

“Buddha smile” – in the silence of BEing


Workshop descriptions:


Liberation of creative fields

During this workshop, the creative fields of each person will be cleared of old burdens and patterns. These are replaced by new light-information which re-fill the divine light essence and rebalance the female and male parts in each one. It is of great importance to recognize ones own creative potential and to live it consciously. A part of this creative field is also assigned to the sexual energy which has been afflicted by suffering and pain for thousands of years. Now is the time to rectify this and to activate the light of creativity (creation) of mankind. Thus, we can give birth to ourselves into the future.

The process of integration is supported by exercises and techniques. These tools can assist you in your own healing process, to go with the flow of creation and to formulate a new, unconditioned Self.


“The art of empathy”

In this workshop, people are trained, how to employ and live the elevated form of empathic communication. As a result, they experience a new sense of security and stability in everyday life, with others, with nature, with all that exists. Through this form of communication, I know what I encounter, because I perceive. I go into resonance with the other and sense the veracity of everything. “See and being seen”. Only when I see myself, I see the other and only when I feel myself, I feel the other. Out of the safety of my perceptions and compassion I learn how to trust myself more. So I am becoming more stable and able to trust others, because I can truly “see” them by sensing them. True compassion frees us from pity and gives us the freedom to start walking, to meet the world and its people out of unconditional love.

You will be trained to develop abilities to make a sort of diagnosis of yourself and others. Different techniques and exercises will be your tools to empathy and compassion. They will enable you to recognize where something is blocked, where there is a lack or where there is too much. You will learn how, with full devotion, you can let healing light flow to yourself and to the other, so that clearings and healings can occur.


The healing power of pure, lived love

This time love is not spoken, thought, sent or received but truly experienced in its all-embracing size. The angels of gentleness are on our side to open the door of our hearts again to finally truly BE the love …. there is nothing more to say, but to experience.
This formation is no formation in the traditional sense. No human being can teach another one to love. Here, the potential is formed to be a loving, conscious person. The highest healing power is love which converts everything to harmony. Harmony means healing and so you learn to heal through love.


“Buddha smile” – in the silence of BEing

Enter the space of inner silence without words. Your own space of silence is part of the infinite space of BEing. Here you enter the home of the eternal bliss of your essence.  Buddha smile on your lips, which you can neither force nor interfere with, clearly shows that you find yourself in these moments in this space. You are allowed to encounter your own Buddha nature ….. and live it.


Workshop offers:

3 days intensive course on one topic only:

  • Liberation of creative fields
  • “The art of empathy”
  • The healing power of pure, lived love

3 days intensive course on one topic each day:

(it is possible to participate on individual days/topics)

  • Liberation of creative fields
  • “The art of empathy”
  • The healing power of pure, lived love

1 day „Buddha smile“ – in the silence of BEing:
Note: this day is a VERY intensive day and may be offered, on request, after the above course

3 days special course „Buddha smile“ – in the silence of BEing:
This is a VERY special course indeed, which leads into the silence of BEing. On the first day the participants will both be introduced to this from of light-work and by means of meditations prepared to truly be able to enter this space of bliss.
The second day is a day of complete silence. The space of the bliss of simply BEing will be opened and the souls will be led in, to remember their initially pure divine state. No talking on this day.
The last day is about balancing and integrating the ongoing processes. Experiences from the day before will be shared and you will practice how to find your own way back to this room of bliss, to transfer the energy of the silence into your daily life.

7 days intensive training-workshop: a fusion of all topics

  • 2 days Liberation of creative fields – clearings, integration, exercises, techniques in use
  • 2 days “The art of empathy” – clearings, integration, exercises, techniques in use
  • 2 days The healing power of pure, lived love – clearings, integration, exercises, applying
  • 1 day training in consciously applying The healing power of pure, lived love

Comment: the light-work of this 7 days intensive training workshop is a very intensive form of work! Whoever sets out on this healing journey should stay until the very end. It´s like giving birth and the child shouldn´t abandon itself in the birth canal …

3 days further training, building up on the 7 days workshop:
(here it´s also possible to join certain days only)

Comment: I´d be more than happy to hand out a certificate to everybody, stating that you have developed your abilities of living the love and through that to bring healing to this world. I can testify it as a caring being, because I have experienced that “you” do it. So this certificate, representing a wonderful picture of a shining light-heart, will always keep the memory inside you alive of “who you are”. I AM LOVE ITSELF.

Note: the participation in the group work is no substitute for any medical or psychotherapeutic treatment

Living Art Exhibitions – experience Light & Healing Performances

This is a new form of light-work. The intention is to receive light, love, joy, clearing and healing through actually experiencing the living art in the exhibitions.
On the living light-stage of every exhibition Smoenjala offers a daily changing performance.
Some days, the exhibition will be open all day for free, non-committal visits.
On other days, lively presentations will be held, making it possible to dive into the world of healing art.
In turn, on other days, people will be invited to performance-workshops. Experiencing through the energy of the movement, the color, the shape, the light, the sound, through painting, through concerts of healing sounds, through dynamic movements and meditations. “I am the flower, the cell, the color, the element, I am sound, I am music, I am movement, dance, I am the light, I am love itself, I AM ALL.” (Quote Smoenjala , The Art of empathy)
Moreover, on request, Smoenjala will paint personal soul pictures on site, where it will be possible to participate in this creative act.  A light-being, “a picture”, is born into this world and with it a new living light-gate opens.
Every moment of this living art exhibition is unique as it always arises from the purest divine flow.