The Hungarian artist Erzsebet Erös works under the name of Smoenjala. She has lived in Hungary, Germany, Australia, and Spain on the island of La Gomera. She now divides her time between Europe and the Canary Islands.
In Australia she dedicated her time to picture techniques, and the messages and colours used in AboriginalArt. In La Gomera she gives special art courses using natural pigments made from earth collected from different areas on the island.
Smoenjala´s artwork is composed of Landscapes, flowers, portraits, furniture decoration,textile design, sculptures and murals. She is also able to transmit Light and harmony through her interior designs .
Smoenjala has had expositions of her artwork in Australia, Hungary ,Holland ,Germany, and the Canary Islands.

Smoenjala is in the Divine prescence in every moment. Everything which is expressed through her is just one of the different expressions of the Divine Creation.
She is a spiritual teacher serving the growing consciousness of humanity. She is doing this in different forms through her holistic healing work, and also through her art work which she calls “New Age Healing Art”. These Works are dynamic gates to the purest Divine consciousness. She also makes individual personal artwork for meditacion and healing, and Guardian Angel paintings.

Smoemjala said “I am just a tool of God and nothing else”.

With a blessing from the Light.