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“Holiness is a state of being whole”



There is the possibility to receive healing sessions with Smoenjala annually from January to March on the island of La Gomera (Canary Islands) and find solutions for the invisible causes of our big challenges and daily problems.

Supported by the powerful energy of the island, reflective walks through the rainforest and relaxing beach stays, the mind can let go of the tension of everyday life and space for soul healing emerges.

Smoenjala gladly supports every one, who decided to betake onto the path of healing… Smoenjala is a pure channel of supreme Divine Consciousness. The execution of her work is unique. She works free of methods and always out of the moment following her divine guidance. This way the sessions are always absolutely individual. During the sessions, she reads clairvoyantly information from the subtle fields, at the same time pure transforming healing energies flow and bring new light information into the field of the recipient, replacing the old information. This is how healing arises.

Individual sessions


It is possible to book individual sessions to obtain holistic advice, impulses and lessons for growth and expansion of consciousness and make healing possible.



In a 7-day intensive week this healing work is carried out comprehensively. On the first day a holistic diagnosis is made. Here the present key issues and their causes are being shown. Based on this diagnosis the work builds up for the next few days. Traumas and blockades resulting from this incarnation as from pregnancy (embryo state), childhood and adulthood, as well as past lives (karmic fields) and obsolescent patterns (emotional, mental or unconscious forms of behavior) are being uncovered. All these aspects are reflected in our lives and in everyday life at all levels such as mental problems, health, family, work and social areas.

The holistic approach of this work is also reflected by the fact that the relationship and connectedness between aura, chakras, organs, cells and all levels of morphogenetic  and quantum fields are being simultaneously dissolved and replaced by new light informations. You will get exercises and instructions how to further integrate and stabilize the received healing impulses and how to continue working on your own growth.

Cleansing of the family line


It’s never too late to reconcile with a soul, express unspoken feelings and to heal old pain.” ~ Smoenjala

A 7-day intensive week to clean up the family line at the soul level.

This Family Healing Work does not require the conventional group work of the method of family constellation. One person as soul-gate is enough to let healing flow into the family line, thereby obtaining more harmony in your own life.

This ancestral cleansing works on the soul level and goes back hundreds of years. So we can free ourselves from a great deal of karma, which we share with our ancestors. Smoenjala finds this special kind of healing work particularly unique and novel and is most grateful that this work can be done with the highest divine grace through her.

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