The Path of Harmony

P1010886.pngI have started as anybody else, I have arrived to Earth. Recalling my early childhood, “seeing” and the distinct sensation has already made a part of my life. These qualities accompanied my life all along its different phases and led up to spiritual teachers, escorts.

I have found those pioneers, who made me realize that all the experience and perception of the world I was living in are not at all a casual and natural thing for everybody. This is how the origin of the everlasting feeling that I am not belonging here to this planet has become lit. Hence the reason of the conflicts and misunderstandings deriving from this very feeling: the world did not understand me, just as I did not understand the world…. In these periods between me and the world, being different rose to a conscious level and gradually I also acknowledged that I have a pioneer way to pass through.

Several profound spiritual and private life catharses threw 180˚ turns on me time by time. I had built up livelihoods which then collapsed, I went through series of building and releasing in spiritual and material terms to finally admit that in the polarity of the material world there is no stability and no security of its own.

My superior guidance took me to Australia. The teachings and initiations received during a longer period of time spent at an aboriginal initiation place had revolutionized the orientation of my life. After this I learned different therapies in various countries, this is how step by step I advanced in my pioneer way, which means a life mission of great responsibility for me. Based on the knowledge acquired in the preceding years I started to work with people in the course of individual trainings. I helped a lot of people like this, but I have been showed that my mission is not completed yet, that I had to move on.

The next nadir of my life was a terminal disease that was the last divine gift to irrevocably accept the heading of my path and to recognize that so far I have been walking two ways with two “feet”. Because this is a path embracing all and it requires a whole person.

christus.pngDuring the recovery from my illness in the series of my resilient processes I have received a divine impulse via another healer, that is I am supposed to paint a portrait of Christ which is the light-gate of the love of Christ (crystal awareness). In the midst of painting I had seen the first time in my life two cherubic beings of white light working with me on the picture, when the face I was just painting suddenly made a motion. In this very moment I put down not only the brush, but also the perfectionist intellectual ego of the artist that I have changed to the humbleness towards the divine creative power. This painting has launched me on the passage of sacral art of the modern age; this is how I managed to alloy the two ways and set forth on the single righteous path. There are a lot of people up to this day experiencing wonders by this painting.

Ever since the birth of this picture everything I have done or I do is about letting the divine stream express itself in the moment through me, as a cleansed channel. Shall it be teaching, creation, healing, soul escorting - as everything is but the expression of the divine creative power in the moment. After these experiences for a longer period I used the strength of my paintings for my resilience and continuous clearing. My following years passed by in a certain hermit manner, as I turned inside and worked in order to light everything that still needed to be cleansed from the inner or outer shadows so that I can become a cleaner and cleaner divine channel.

I left behind all the conventional, existential, profane forms. I took off to an island, already for a divine suggestion, to fulfill step by step the scope of my duties on Earth becoming more and more conscious.

Entering the unity consciousness from polar consciousness. Experiencing the state of being torn apart from our original divine quality is over. The new direction of humanity is the unity consciousness. We are living the age of resurrection. My vocation is to lead the way as a path-finder, to open the “love-gate” hiding inside of the wakers and to escort them. Heaven is not so much a place, more a state which everybody can create in him- or herself and live it in the everyday life….

I hold group- and individual trainings in different forms for years.