The Hungarian artist Erzsebet Erös works under the name of Smoenjala. She has lived in Australia, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Germany and Spain on the canarian island La Gomera. Today she works internationally.

She is initiator of the worldproject „Golden Lifetree" – a multidisciplinary project which creates a connection through art to the soul. It is an educational platform that provides an opportunity throgh various events to develop an expanded consciousness regarding the environment, nature, culture and fellow human beings. It focuses especially on trees and forests, preservation of natural and cultural wealth, biosphere and nature reserves as well as a sustainable and conscious living together on planet earth.

Motivated by her distinct spirit of research she dedicated her time in Australia to the colours, painting techniques and messages used in Aboriginal Art. In Germany she discovered and explored the diversity of modern art materials and techniques. Here was also the beginning of many years of conscious work on her spiritual growth. The first healing paintings in this new quality arised and reached the souls of men, women and children. Smoenjala worked with a strong intensity and devotion to create painings from the purest Divine Vision. On La Gomera she worked with earth pigments collected on the island and processed to paintable colours. Further work on her inner development followed and so the advancement of her ability to create painings out of ever higher quality of energy. Many years after the first vision the first „Holographic Lightpainting" was born.


Smoenjala's artistic work contains paintings of landscapes, flowers and portraits. She makes sculptures, reliefs and illuminated objects as well as furniture and textile designs. Through her holistic colour consulting and colour designing of spaces and facades in villas, restaurants, hotels, healing rooms, etc. she succeeds to envelop the people in their living environment with harmony. She works with all known painting and mixed media techniques as well as with her own colours and techniques developed throgh years of experimentation. It is a way of art in which multiple images are painted over and into each other through countless layers that form the overall picture at the end.. The evolving works of art are like a living light-hologram. Under changing light conditions by day as well as mixed lights and especially with uv-light the paintings open up to completely different layers and impressions.

A special focus in her work lies on the creation of Healing Art (since 1999) and „Personal Healing Paintings" for the people. The art that arises from Smoenjala's developement and insight originate from the direct connection with the Highest Source of Creation.

Smoenjala says that these paintings are not her personal works of art but rather divine inspirations that flow through her as a „light channel" and find their embodiment in her implimentation. She humbly takes these messages and passes them on as her art in the service for the world.

Since a few years Smoenjala enrichens through „Healing Sounds" the hearts of the people. The acquirement of special instruments, tools and techniques plays a significant role.


Smoenjala is an experienced holistic clear-sighted healing worker and life consultant. The insights from her developement and her training enable her to guide people and their souls effectively throgh their soul evolution processes, always out of the flow of the Universal Love.


Smoenjala also gives speeches and on requests she leads workshops, meditations, makes group work and individual sessions.

Of outstanding interest are her photographs of landscapes, light beings as well as richly detailed plant and macro worls, which sensitize the viewer for the subtlety and hidden depths of nature. They are distinguished by picturesque color schemes and unusual compositions.

All of her works – in whatever form they are expressed – are imbued with light and have an harmonizing effect on all living creatures..

With a blessing of the Light