Personal Healing Painting

kristallina_1809_be.pngSmoenjala paints „Personal Healing Painting" on request. After a painting has been commissioned she asks for a vision for this personal artwork out of the connection with the purest Devine Source.

These „Healing Paintings" work for the soul through the subtle bodies down into the cell structure of the people and help to absorb and integrate the light-informations of the planetary changes.

„Light children" who are born this way belong to a new generation of „Healing Art" – the „Art of Empathy".

Many years ago Smoenjala had the vision of a picture that showed an angelic creature that looked like a living light-hologram, which rises from the image. Even the form of the image was shown. Smoenjala followed the call of her soul to bring such paintings into the world. She continued to work on her inner growing to enable the lightenergies to flow through her in the purest healing power. Many years of experimentation followed to developing new colours and techniques. It is a way of art in which multiple images are painted over and into each other through countless layers that form the overall picture at the end.. Under changing light conditions by day as well as mixed lights and especially with uv-light the paintings open up to completely different layers and impressions. These images are alive and many people who happily talk about their pictures, say, that they move and strongly sensible energies emerge from them to the viewer and into the world.


Sharings of people...



„I just had a deep healing session with Smoenjala in which i asked for my long awaited soulname and i received it throgh her from the Divine Source. I was euphoric! She gave me meditation exercises which i could make at home for my further developement. For that i should contact a painting which she involves a lot in her healing sessions with people. I asked her, if i could make a photo of it for once. She gave me permission and when i looked at the camera, i discovered something.. A lightspot on the image.. I showed it to her and asked: Look, what happened to my camera? What is this lightspot? And she said „It is lightenergy that often emerges out of the paintings. This heart of light is a present for you.""

(<~~ Detail from original photo)

„I can not belive this.. I am a practicing Buddhist for many years but something like this never happened to me before. Just a moment ago a white light beam from this picture entered my crown-chakra and swirled me around. Smoething happened to me very deep inside.."

„The picture moved. I thought, i was crazy.. It followed me with it's gaze and communicated with me with it's facial expressions and suddenly i felt my heart open up. I couldn't hold back my tears."

"I was home alone, i was feeling very bad. I had a bad arguement with my husband.. He was gone. I went to my picture and asked for help. It started to move, became like a hologramm and light particles and images came towards me. This message made me understand something very deep.. I felt safe and not desolate any more. I was enveloped with Love."


Personal Soul Painting


Out of the connectedness with the purest Divine Creation Smoenjala receives the vision for the soul, which comissioned the painting. In the vision the size, form, material and technique are shown.



(Example, „Phoenix" in different lightning conditions)


Personal Soul Portrait


From a photo a „Personal Portrait" is being painted upon the expression of devine inspiration. These images serve as bridges to our Oversoul through which the individual is being connected with his Inner Guidance, deep healing can be experienced and the person can find to his higher Divine Expression in life.




Lifetree Painting


You receive a visual representation of your personal Tree of Life. This work of art is a gate and it opens up a way to all it's qualities. So the soul is able to integrate new vitality and this leads to healing processes and upheaval of consciousness into your life.


„The Lifetree represents the synthesis of heaven and earth, it is the symbol of the balance between the worlds, harmony, perpetual renewal and rebirth. The Tree of Life is the quintessence of all that life is."



(Example „Golden Lifetree", daylight, uv-light, mixed light)



Painting of Blessing


A painting is being born that carries the purest Divine Blessing in itself and lets it flow into the world. These images represent the „falling-from-the-heavens" plentitude of roses of purity and love. It is possible to order a „Picture of Blessing" in the sizes 40x40, 60x60 and 80x80 as well as special sizes above 100cm.



Painting of an Angel


On request you receive a „Painting of an Angel" that carries an expression of your personal Angel-Companion and connects you with him. It is also possible to order pictures of archangels and angels well known to us. These paintings are available in the sizes 50x60 and 70x80. Here also special sizes above 100cm are possible.




Each of these paintings is unique. Smoenjala confirmes this with a hand-signed, individually designed certificate with a personal message for the soul through the picture.
(..available in english, german, spanish and hungarian..)



If you wish to commission such a painting, please send a request to or use this form.



„Dear Smoenjala, we were brought together so you can paint this wonderful Hator-picture for me. She speaks to me and helps me to find my inner peace and keep it. Her beautiful face moves.. smiles.. and the Universal Love flows throgh her. I speak every day with her. She changed my life. One day i got an impulse from her to put my drinking water in a clear glass jug in front of the painting. Next morning i tasted the water and realized for the first time that water can have flavour.. It was sweet. I swallowed it and a warm, comforting energy spread inside me.. I do that every day now. One day i had the idea to compare this water with a glass of water that came from the same source but didn't stand in front of the picture before. It tasted terribly. Since that time i only drink energized healing water from my painting and it benefits me every day. I say a thousand times – THANK YOU." (Sharing)



Through the watercrystal photos taken in the Emoto-Laboratory (Hado-life) the healing powers of the painings become visible.


The development and modification of the watercrystals of each painting show, that they are dynamic gates to the highest Divine Source. Therefore they are alive and transmit in every moment the explicit energy that is of main focus for humanity or the particular person. The paintings emit 24 hours high light-frequencies and can be used as tools for meditation, healing and expansion of consciousness for everyone.

As shown by the watercrystal images, the water put in front of a painting transforms into healing water. So everyone who has such a painting at home, can make their own healing water.


Additional information


These works of art appear in different forms following the Divine Vision, for example, as images on wood or canvas, as reliefs, textiles, sculptures or even light objects.

The "Painting of Blessing", "Painting of an Angel" and the "Lifetree Painting" are also available as a "Personal Painting" or a present for another person.

"Personal Paintings" must be ordered individually by the soul in person.

Special sizes above 100cm can be shipped on rolled up canvas regarding the shipping policies of the country.

The prices do not include shipping.

Copyright and publication rights of the paintings will remain with the artist Smoenjala.


By the commission of a "Healing Painting"
you support the Worldproject

"Golden Lifetree"




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