Art of Empathy

… is communication from the source of creation with all that "is" through sensing at all levels. This allows us to go into the creative dynamics of all matter. Expressed at the very moment of feeling, art is created, something divine is expressed in a new form, because the essence of all things flows through me. With this I remember the state of the ONENESS-WITH-ALL. I am the flower, the cell, the color,  the element, I am sound, I am music, I am movement, dancing, I am the light, I am  love, I am ALL. This generates in every moment a healing, creative act, which brings harmony into this world from the fields of purest origin. We are conscious participants in the joy of creation and at the same time we learn a purer form of communication, due to the higher truth of our feelings.

Via the tools of our senses we feel, via feeling with our soul we empathize into the divine intuition.

The gate is the heart center through which we experience cosmic love and develop our emotional body. This way our heart center becomes the access to a harmonious future for each individual and therefore all mankind.

Smoenjala has recognized the higher correlations of this truth and called it “the art of empathy”. She says that if we remain aware at every moment we can consciously partake as a creator of this world and thus realize what our true participation is. Accept personal responsibility to share in the joy of creation. She shows that a new form of security and stability arises, when we encounter all that there is with veracity, dedication and empathy. This will give us the courage to leave the seemingly protective refuge of old patterns and be prepared to meet higher truths.